Sanmit Infra Limited

BOM: 532435

SANMIT INFRA LIMITED owns and operates in a diversified group of infrastructure businesses. We offer investors an opportunity to participate in the ownership of infrastructure businesses. The development of infrastructure projects typically requires an ability to sustain long development periods, and Sanmit Infra has demonstrated the ability to bear the initial risks associated with such projects.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Our contribution to the nation’s rapidly developing infrastructure extends to the aviation sector, seaways development, construction of bridges, business malls, boat houses and much more. We also actively act as developers, contractors and builders, as well as consultants, advisors, agents and traders to the properties.

OUR AIM: Our main aim is to be the leading company in construction and development & attain global presence and value.Our success depends on the values we have enhanced in our minds and lives of our confidants and associates who have and will place their faith in the company. We also aim at achieving excellence in service, quality, reliability, safety and customer care. To work with vigor, dedication and innovation with total customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: We at SANMIT INFRA understand our role in the society and also the social responsibility we carry with us. So we look forward on being a leading company with best social awareness. Being socially responsible in every aspect is our main motto.

1. What is Sanmit?

Sanmit means working together for the success of each other. Sanmit means connecting needs of common man. Sanmit means bringing a SIMPLE, PRACTICAL HONEST, SOLUTION to the Need of the Common Man.

Sanmit means Determination to reach the final goal. Sanmit means the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

2. How Sanmit will achieve the Dream of Common Man into reality?

Sanmit will ensure the common man to achieve the roof above his head without disturbing their day to day living.

3. What is the agenda/solution of Sanmit for Common Man?

Why there is inequality in God’s created kingdom?
Why only High Net Worth Individual has all his means to get life better living.?
Why an EWS or LIG does not even think or they do not have time to think in this day to day need to earn their living?
Is it a crime for EWS and LIG to think a better living and why they should be deprived at?
So to every question, there has to be a concrete thoughtful attainable solution.

Sanmit has brought the solution which is the agenda of Sanmit.

“An Affordable House/ Home” which is a dwelling i.e. within the budget and the financial reach of the lowest income market participants (Common Man) who have dreamt of having a decent roof above his head.

4. Why Sanmit has chosen the idea of Affordable House/Home Concept?

Prime Minister has recently announced “Housing for all” by 2020. The Maharashtra Govt has decided to extend all possible help to those looking for a roof above their Head.

If any wrong thing happens in our country or state or city or society we blame the Govt, Officials, Officers, Policy, and others.

So Sanmit instead of blaming others takes a small positive , practical solution in the direction of attaining the common man’s common dream of the roof above his head.

5. Who is the face value of Sanmit Infra Ltd.?

The face value of Sanmit Infra Ltd is M.D. Sanjay K. Makhija. He believes in DON’T TELL PEOPLE YOUR DREAMS SHOW THEM. He believes thoughts become words, words become beliefs, beliefs become action, Actions becomes habits and habits determine our outcome. He believes the best teacher is your last mistake. He firmly believes to ask ourselves “ what is next”, he takes humility to realize that we don’t know everything and he knows that we must keep learning and observe. He has the courage to follow his heart and intuition. He believes that smooth sea will never create skillful sailor. He believes and fully endorses to the power of the common man. He understands it is not the will to win but the will to prepare to win that is important. He strongly believes to create a vision that makes him hungry for success. He believes whatever mind can conceive & believes the mind can achieve.

CLEAR YOUR MIND OF CANT—- THAT THE M.D. OF SANMIT INFRA LTD. – SHRI SANJAY K. MAKHIJA. For him, success is neither a science or art it is a practice. He believes that success doesn’t come to you, you go to it.

6. What is the mission statement of Sanmit Infra?

The mission statement of Sanmit Infra is “ The Customer’s Perception is our Reality”

The longer you are not taking action the more money you are losing. What project is not started will never get finished. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. If Sanmit can’t fly, then it will run, if Sanmit can’t run then it will walk, if Sanmit can’t walk then it will crawl but whatever the company does it will be moving forward.

7. What are the difficulties in making the dream of “Roof above your Head” into Reality?

a) Location
b) Nature of Finish
c) Maintenance Cost
d) High-Interest EMI
e) Stamp Duty & Registration Cost
f) Property Tax
g) VAT/ TDS/ Service Tax

8. How you will overcome all the difficulties mention above and still attain your agenda “ Roof above the Head”?

Sanmit will ensure to form JV/ PMC/ PARTNERSHIP where the cost of land is less and the location is decent. Sanmit (SANM) will request with folded hand to Govt to curtail the cost of Property Tax, VAT Service Tax, Stamp Duty/ Registration changes for this special Common Man / Township scheme which is indeed to attain the goal of a common man Roof Over his Head.

Sanmit will request to consider the Govt to lower the EMI Rate and directly pass the subsidy to the Common Man.

Sanmit will request to grant additional FSI to the common man project.

9. If the Govt does not do anything in passing the concession to this special Common Man Township then how will Sanmit attain their dream project?

As I have earlier mention Sanmit will not be blaming the Govt. instead will take small, practical, honest vision approach to attain the goal of Affordable Housing Scheme for Common Man or Common Man’s rights to have a roof above his head.

Sanmit will only request with folded hands to the Govt. They will never ever put pressure on the Govt to sanction any of their wants. If they feel this work to build the confidence of the common man or If they feel there is a need to give some subsidy or concession to the common man they would consider it with a straight approach.

10. Why a common man will believe in Sanmit Infra Ltd.

Sanmit Infra Ltd is not a sole proprietorship, partnership, Pvt.Ltd., Limited Liability Partnership Company. It is a registered Public Ltd Company which is governed by SEBI where the interest of a common investor is always protected. As per the Regulation issued by Securities And Exchange Board of India (SEBI) all publicly listed company must file their financial statement with the stock exchange.

All other entity listed above apart from listed Public Ltd Company has no obligation to call the meeting of its shareholders and file a statutory report with the register of the Companies (ROC).

So common man will have all the confidence in “SANMIT INFRA LTD” as it is listed public limited company governed by SEBI, ROC and guidelines set by “Bombay Stock Exchanges” INDIAN CORPORATE LAW.

11. Who you feel are a common man that will venture into your projects?

A common man is anybody who has a stake in the system but doesn’t have an effective way; Mainly from unorganized & Marginalized sections of the society. They are the large sections of middle-class people who get affected by changes in tax. They are agricultural laborers, peasants, rickshawalas.